“Como Se Dice Oportunidad?” How Studying Spanish Brought One Student a World of Opportunity

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In a story connecting two faraway places and dramatically different cultures, we are proud to share how our Professional Language School in Anantapur recently empowered one young student to embark on an exciting new career in another country. Since he was a child, 25-year-old Rakesh has dreamed of learning Spanish. But he never imagined that he would  master the language in such a way as to line up a job in Mexico City at a major global company.

Rakesh was born in Settur, in Andhra Pradesh, where his father worked for VFF and instilled in him the importance of education. After high school, Rakesh studied mechanical engineering at a local university. He complemented this study by taking courses at VFF Professional Language School to gain skills in Spanish, English, accounting, and office automation. This rigorous course load helped prepare him for the challenges he would face in a competitive workplace. But, more importantly, he shares how his teachers were role models in kindness, and always encouraged the students to “dream about the possibilities of the future.”

At his teachers’ encouragement, Rakesh applied for a software programming job at Banamex, a Mexican bank that is now part of Citigroup. Now living in Mexico City, Rakesh is grateful for an invaluable professional opportunity as well as the chance to experience a new culture and city. Though in some ways it’s very foreign, he feels at home particularly with two elements –  the spicy foods and chaotic traffic!

Learn more about our commitment to empower the next generation of leaders in Andhra Pradesh through education. http://www.vffusa.org/what-we-do/education

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