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Ramachandra works as an office assistant today, because of the generous support of a VFF donor who sponsored him 31 years ago. He was introduced to his sponsor with a simple letter and it changed his life.  Our Indian office interviewed him to share his success story. When he arrived he was surprised  that his personal journey was “newsworthy”.  He sat down with a smile ready to share his past and his future.

As a boy, his mother worked anywhere she could mostly cleaning. Once Ramachandra was sponsored it changed his life, and was the first time he was able to go to school. His first year at school was difficult, as the oldest student in his class he struggled, and was held back both in first grade and in third grade. “As a child I was bullied because of my lack of studies” states Ramachandra. His belief in education to lift himself up made it possible for him to graduate, with just a couple of delays.

Ramachandra married Maheswari at the age of 22. Both of them currently work for VFF in India. Rama is an office assistant and Maheswari works as an interpreter for visitors who visit our programs. They have 3 daughters, Shalini, Harita, and Yaswanikeerti. Most men in rural Indian communities would view 3 daughters as a burden, but Ramachandra believes in the power of education to lift them up. With education everyone can be treated equally. His daughters are studying ontology, electrical engineering, and his youngest has just joined the National Cadet Corps of India. With the support of a VFF sponsor, Ramachandra was able to fight for his education, and a generation later all of his daughters have advanced degrees. Generational change is what lifts up communities for years to come.

 “Education is the main pillar of VFF and it  has been a really important part in my life that I am proud to have shared with my daughters,” says Rama as he leaves the interview.  

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