Riding Across America to Raise Money for India’s Children


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The Vicente Ferrer Foundation USA (VFF USA) is thrilled to announce the save-the date for our annual gala, “Recipe for Empowerment” as October 6th, 2017.
Are you interested in traveling to India?
On the Fourth of July, Fran Ventura is expected to complete his epic cycling journey across America to raise money for children in India. When he arrives in Santa Monica, Calif., Ventura will have peddled over 2,800 miles, after kicking off on May 17 from Times Square in New York City.
For his inspiring cross-country ride, Ventura collaborated with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation’s Bike Around the World, which focuses on improving access to education for children in India.
Today, more than 100 million children do not attend school in India and the literacy rate of girls from marginalized groups is below 35 per cent.
“I am committed to making a trip around the world to show the interconnectedness of each person on the planet,” Ventura said. “My bike has 68 spokes. I am hoping that people will sponsor a child for each spoke on my bicycle.”
To begin this adventure, Ventura cycled from Anantapur, India to Madrid, Spain. This first leg of his journey raised crucial funds and awareness for education in India.
“We’re incredibly honored by Fran’s commitment to our organization and fighting for our cause in India,” said Angelina Klouthis, executive director of VFF USA. “His determination and strength is making a significant impact for vulnerable children in India, and we are so grateful for his continued support. We look forward to seeing him finish this fantastic journey and welcoming him to the sunny shores of Santa Monica.”

Among the many supporters eager for Ventura’s arrival is Javier Vallaure, the Consul General of Spain in Los Angeles.
"Spain supports the extraordinary work of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation,” Vallaure said. “Personally, I am delighted to welcome Fran upon his arrival in Los Angeles during his trip around the world. We are committed to VFF´s expansion in the United States through the Spanish Consular network."
Ventura, an avid biker, has been a longtime supporter and ambassador of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation. He has cycled nearly 9,000 miles to raise awareness and support VFF.
“I am telling the story of the world to the child I have sponsored,” Ventura said. “My passion is helping people. Your passion can make the world a better place.”