The Holi: The Pagan Festival That Heralds Spring


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A colorful festival heralds the arrival of spring in the Professional School of Anantapur. The center joins the chain of celebrations throughout India Holi, the most popular Hindu festival of the year, receiving the sweltering season of flowers and harvesting crops.

The 40 students of the Professional School wanted to show teachers and Spanish volunteers, the essence of the party mocking hierarchies, as is tradition, and throwing colored powder and water buckets in a kind of collective catharsis.

The Holi is one of the oldest celebrations in India. Coincides with the full moon of March, a pagan holiday that is associated with fertility, love and the triumph of good over evil. The celebrations in the street can last several days, but the day is the explosion preceding the full moon. It is one of the few Hindu festivals that does not include religious fervor. Even unorthodox licenses are allowed for Indian citizens usually correct. That day, profanity or obscene songs are permitted, however, in a context of relaxation in which people are always willing to forgive "sins of others." Often end up embracing the opponent who has filled and dry minutes earlier.

The Holi has sometimes been compared with Carnival. The truth is that has spread worldwide and now the party has even Spain. Is an example of integration of Indians in communities across the world, from the few Hindu festivals where men and women mix, rich people and poor people, young and old.

Legend has it that centuries BC, there was a king called Hiranya Kaship that after granted the gift of immortality, became arrogant and asked his people to be worshiped as a god. Even his own son, Prince Prahlad, he stopped praying to benefit Vishnu, a Hindu deity who is responsible for maintaining order in the universe. The king's sister, Holika (hence the name of Holi) decided to kill the prince invited him to sit with her on a pyre. She wore a fireproof blanket that miraculously came to protect the prince. Prahlad was saved by Vishnu and the fire is the symbolic victory of good against evil.