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The Vicente Ferrer Foundation USA (VFF USA) is thrilled to announce the save-the date for our annual gala, “Recipe for Empowerment” as October 6th, 2017.
Are you interested in traveling to India?
It would be impossible for the Vicente Ferrer Foundation to continue with its critical work in India without the support of our philanthropic partners. One of them is the Pogosyan Care Foundation, which is generously sponsoring our Recipe for Empowerment launch party on Sept. 22.
Chris Pogosyan, a successful entrepreneur, created a private foundation in 2013 to support a wide range of charitable activities, both local and international. Pogosyan Care Foundation pursues its own projects while assisting other nonprofits with their causes. The foundation believes in being part of long-term solutions that affect the global community. Among its top issues are women empowerment, rural infrastructure, education, poverty alleviation, environmental stewardship, and health equity. 
Pogosyan Care Foundation has joined forces with VFF. The launch event will celebrate a relationship highlighted by a shared goal: VFF and Pogosyan are both passionate about solving some of the biggest problems facing the world’s poor.
“We believe the VFF cause is very compelling and aligned with our mission,” says Chris Pogosyan, Founder & CEO. “We understand the challenges that the rural communities in developing countries face”