Save-the date for our annual gala, “Recipe for Empowerment”.

The Vicente Ferrer Foundation USA (VFF USA) is thrilled to announce the save-the date for our annual gala, “Recipe for Empowerment” as October 6th, 2017.

Five Tips for Traveling to Incredible India

Are you interested in traveling to India?

VFF’s Festival of Art Cultivates Creativity in Local Students

Each year Children's Day is celebrated across India to promote the rights, care, and education of children.

Finding Common Ground: A Month in India By: Trisha Curry

Spending a month in India with VFF USA was an experience that was equal parts incredible and enlightening.

Reimagining Travel to India, VFF USA Launches Travel for Change Program to Inspire Visits to Rural Communities

Business and Leisure Travelers to India Can Now Experience First-Hand Immersion in Programs Empowering Rural Communities

Educating Girls for a Better Future

In rural communities of India, girls can face significant barriers to education,

Biking Around the World for Education

Every journey begins somewhere and for Fran Ventura, a bike enthusiast, his journey around the world began when he decided to sponsor a child with VFF.

Finding Meaning in Life while Living with HIV

India has made significant progress in the fight against HIV/AIDS in recent years.

Party for a Purpose

We did it. We raised more than $1,000 so VFF USA can #GiveAllYear and support youth sports program for students in Anantapur, India.

A Good Home Can #GiveAllYear

In the poorest parts of India, a well-built home is transformational.

A Year to Remember

As we close out 2016, I am full of gratitude for all that we have accomplished together. Thanks to your tremendous support, here are just some of the highlights from VFF USA this year

Upcoming Events

We would love to meet you! Come out and connect with our staff, volunteers and fellow supporters at one of these exciting events..

Saving Babies, Saving Lives

Eighty young women gather at the community center in Settur, India, alongside rural health care workers from the Vicente Ferrer Foundation.

A World of Thanks

“I am a widow with three children, when my husband became ill, I worried we would starve. When I learned about VFF I learned I could work on my own. Things are changing and women have rights. My children can be anything they want.” - Sarojamma

Woman Rising: Sudharini

Despite the obstacles of living with albinism, Sudharani has flourished into a confident college student.

Soulful Classical Guitarist Reveals Passion for VFF

David Russell is one of the most talented and prolific classical guitarists performing in the world today. The Grammy Award-winning musician has also financed four VFF schools in India.

The Fight for Children’s Rights

School looks vastly different all around the world but VFF proves that it can be life-changing for children in rural areas of India.

Vicente Ferrer Foundation Launches First Office in the United States With Good Scents From the Kitchen

The Vicente Ferrer Foundation USA has made its presence known in America, supported by renowned chefs from Spain, India and the United States under the slogan, “Recipe for Empowerment,” after fighting poverty in India for almost 50 years.

Inés Rosales Empowers Women

Women are having a bigger impact on our world than ever. Empowering women to start their own business has defined the legacy of “Tortas Ines Rosales” who generously sponsored the VIP area for the “Recipe for Empowerment,” our gala launch event in Washington, D.C., on Sept. 22.

VFF USA Launches in the US

For decades, the Vicente Ferrer Foundation has reached across continents and cultures to improve people’s lives. So it was only fitting to inaugurate the organization’s first U.S. office with a fundraiser featuring a rich medley of Indian, American, and Spanish flavors.

Swimming Manhattan for VFF

New York’s Manhattan Island is 32 miles in circumference. In a fundraising challenge organized by the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, professional long-distance swimmer Christian Jongeneel swam two laps around Manhattan and became the fourth athlete in the world to complete this incredible feat.

Sponsoring Empowerment

It would be impossible for the Vicente Ferrer Foundation to continue with its critical work in India without the support of our philanthropic partners. One of them is the Pogosyan Care Foundation, which is generously sponsoring our Recipe for Empowerment launch party on Sept. 22.

Woman Rising: Anji

“I was never called by my name. I was the girl with no legs.” Stricken with polio at the age of three, Anji lost both of her legs. Her disability made her into a pariah in her village, where people called her “useless.”

Top Chef Dishes Up Support for VFF

K.N. Vinod is the chef and co-owner of Indique in Washington D.C, one of 11 top-rated restaurants participating in VFF’s Recipe for Empowerment launch event on Sept. 22.

Woman Rising: Nallamma

Nallamma is not only one of the first women in India to become a rickshaw driver, she’s also one of the stars of the virtual reality experience debuting at VFF USA’s official launch party on Sept. 22.

VFF Plants the Seeds of Progress

An Indian proverb says, “All of the flowers of tomorrow are in the seeds of today.” In the rural areas of Anantapur district where we work, we see not just the seeds of change being planted, but the flowers themselves. Beautiful, vibrant flowers bought daily from merchants and street vendors adorn our communities.

Opening Doors in Washington

A Spanish diplomat since 1979, Enrique Sardá Valls has traveled the world, making connections and nurturing relationships all along the way. The Vicente Ferrer Foundation USA is blessed that the consul general has lent his power of connections to help us make new friends.

A Recipe for Empowerment

Save the date! On September 22, 2016, the Vicente Ferrer Foundation USA (VFF USA) will host our launch party — A Recipe for Empowerment — in Washington, D.C.

Woman Rising: Likita

Likita is only nine years old but she is sure she wants to be an engineer. She’s already doing something quite extraordinary: She will be the first girl in her family to go to school.

Riding Across America to Raise Money for India’s Children

On the Fourth of July, Fran Ventura is expected to complete his epic cycling journey across America to raise money for children in India.

Teaching Success at The Professional School

They have slept little, but are all ready to start this important day. It's half past four in the morning and the students from the Professional School are ready for their four-hour drive to the city of Bangalore to take an official German language exam.

Riding Toward a Brighter Future

In India, 100 million children of school age do not attend school and the literacy rate of girls from marginalized groups is below 35%.

Upcoming Events

The Vicente Ferrer Foundation has been invited to speak on a panel about our innovative approach to ending stigma for people with disabilities in rural India.

A Passionate and Impassioned VFF Ambassador: An Interview with Angel RIBO

Angel RIBO is the director of strategic partnerships for Dassault Systemes North American Value Solutions. He has been an ambassador and a fundraiser for VFF USA since 2015.

Woman Rising: Durgamma

Durgamma’s village chose her to be the teacher. And her parents supported her so that she could complete 11th and 12th grade. Unfortunately, it’s still rare in rural India for girls to attend secondary school.

Seeing the Heart of VFF in India

In March, Corporate Giving Connection CEO Chris Hammond and COO Brandon McCarty traveled to India to see firsthand how their donations are being spent at VFF. As the founders of CGC, their mission is to help nonprofits connect with partners to increase their scale and impact.

VFF Events: We’d Love to Meet You

It would be impossible for us to do the work that we do without our generous supporters, hard-working volunteers and employees. Throughout this year, we are planning events to give this rich community an opportunity to meet and engage each other in the fight to eradicate extreme poverty in India.

Woman on the Rise: Vani

Vani is a social worker at the VFF Hospital in Bathalapalli, one of the five VFF-run hospitals in the region. After her husband died of AIDS, she moved back to her childhood home with her son to live with her parents. When she was diagnosed with the disease five years ago, VFF offered her the opportunity to study social work and inspire others.

Rise Up for Our CrowdRise Campaign

When Lakshmi Devi was just a year old, polio crippled her legs and right arm. But today she is fearless and a strong voice for people with disabilities. Neighbors flock to her small store to buy candy, spices, and other household goods as well as to learn about resources for loved ones with disabilities.

Women Rising: Stories from the Women’s Empowerment Initiative

In India, there are 52 women who need your support. Together, we call them the Women’s Empowerment Initiative. They all live in Pedaballi Village in the Bathalapalli region of Andhra Pradesh.

Battling the Spread and Stigma of HIV in India

In rural India, HIV stubbornly persists — and so does the stigma around it.

Spanish Ambassador Salutes VFF USA

Some organizations have “brand ambassadors.” The Vicente Ferrer Foundation enjoys the support of bona fide ambassadors, including the U.S. ambassadors to Spain and India. The list keeps growing.

VFF Donor Inspired to Visit India

Teresa del Moral, a pediatric physician in Miami, has been a longtime supporter of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation. This past summer, she sealed her commitment by visiting the Foundation at its base camp in the state of Andhra Pradesh, in southeast India.

An Eye-Opening Visit to India

VFF USA’s Executive Director Goes to Anantapur. As the newly hired executive director for VFF USA, I wanted to see for myself the breadth and depth of the Foundation’s programs in India. Earlier this month, I arrived in Bangalore, a massive city filled with extreme wealth, technology, and infrastructure.

Loans That Change Lives

Through partnerships, the Vicente Ferrer Foundation provides interest-free microloans to people with disabilities to start small businesses. Nearly 30,000 people in Anantapur have benefited from this program.

Profiles From the Field: Arun Kumar

Even as a child, Arun Kumar knew he wanted to help others. After finishing his studies, the young man asked the Vicente Ferrer Foundation what he could do to contribute to its programs.

Women on the Rise

According to the National Crime Record Bureau, India recorded 337,922 crimes against women in 2014, a 9% increase from the previous year. Other data from India suggests that one in three women are victims of domestic violence.

The Philosophy of Pain Relief

"An important part of our daily work is to talk to them, do awareness and answer their questions until they understand for themselves what is happening. Some patients wonder whether they have done something wrong in your life to experience this kind of pain"

Profiles in the Field: Ramanji Neilu

Ramanji Neilu was a sponsored child who grew up with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation while living in Anantapur. So it’s not surprising that, years later, he would become a community organizer for the Foundation.

Meet Yellamma, a Woman on the Rise

Due to the lack of plumbing, Yellamma contracted poliomyelitis when she was five. The polio left her with reduced mobility in one leg. Yellamma could not complete her primary education because she was forced to look after her nieces and nephews from a very young age.

Extreme Flooding Prompts VFF to Help 11,250 Yanadi Families

Driven by November’s annual monsoon, the heaviest rainfall in a decade wreaked havoc on the southern Indian states of Tamil Nadu and Andrah Pradesh. The great floods of 2015 killed more than 400 people and displaced 1.8 million others.

End Child Marriage

In rural India nearly 60% of women marry before the age of 18. India has the highest number of child marriages worldwide. 56% of women in rural areas are married before age 18, the legal age for marriage in India.

Anne Ferrer Wins Jamnalal Bajaj Award 2015

Anne Ferrer, who has been working as a social worker in rural parts of Andhra Pradesh, received the Jamnalal Bajaj Award 2015 for her contribution in the field of development and welfare of Women and Children in India.

Women Rising: Meet Kanthamma

Married with four children and a sick husband, Kanthamma is the family’s only provider with the help of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, Kanthamma has become a small business owner. She works in the fields growing rice, peanuts and fruit trees.

Happy Thanksgiving!

“I want my daughter to study and have a good future. It is all I can think about”. Lakshmidevi. Those are the words of a father whose daughter receives nutrition and education through a RDT- Vicente Ferrer projects in Andra Pradesh.

Welcome and Thank you from the new executive Director

VFF USA has recently opened a Washington DC office and it will be led by new Executive Director, Angelina Klouthis.

There are many ways to support VFF USA

We need your help to spread the word about our new US Office.

Child Welfare Protection- Solutions for India a model for the World

The telephone rings. It is the 1,098 time the VFF staff in India answer the urgent needs of the community using the anonymous help line. 24 hours, 7 days a week urgent calls of a wide variety come in and much needed support is given immediately.

This is how the Foundation gets organized to reach more than 3.000 towns.

Today is the day that the Community Development Committee (CDC) meets in Chedudla town, located in Anantapur district, to debate and comment about the Vicente Ferrer Foundation Programs that will be implemented in the area. CDC, a group of about 12 neighbors that represent the rest of the town has been summoned by Ramanji, Community Organizer, FVF employee that works more closely with the towns and the people that live in Anantapur.

Lakshmi: “I can say I negotiate better than my husband"

"We didn't have value or respect in society". Women have felt -and many others will continue to feel this way- through their whole life. Their place was the home or the field. There is no power to decide anything in a family structure where the father in-law, the husband, the brother in-law decide for everyone. The landlord that gives them work in the field pays them half -sometimes less- than a man that does the same labor. Besides, that money goes straight to the husband's pockets. Through fair, or unfair deals, in many cases.

Lakshmidevi: “I want my daughter to study so she can have a good future. I don't think about anything else.”

Kavitha, the family's second daughter from Dalit caste in the Chintalapalli town, in Anantapur, suffers from severe deafness since she was born. She is one of the 245 girls that study at the elementary school for girls and boys with hearing disability that is part of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation (VFF).

Kiran Kumar: “Some people think that if a molar is extracted from them they will go blind"

Each morning several tenths of patients stroll in Vicente Ferrer Foundation (VFF) dental service center located in Kanekal. Kiran Kumar is one of the dentists.

Illiterate Parents, College Children

Anantapur región will remember the last 30 years as those of the generational change. During the 60's nobody cared about education. Now is one of the main goals for the family.

The Slave Women Business

Every day more than 200 women and girls are introduced to the human trafficking business in India.

New home, new life

Among the 200 homes in YellammaguttaThanda, a town of 1.200 inhabitants, there are 76 blue homes that stand out, new construction, built by the Vicente Ferrer Foundation.

Stop Erosion to Increase The Fertility of the Land

In the Anantapur district, where population lives from agriculture, only 51% of the total territory is cultivable. The fields are stony and sandy due to erosion caused by the strong winds.

Shirisha Wants To Be A Teacher

Next week she will leave the place that has been her home for the last 8 years and will start studying at the Junior and High School of Inclusive Education from the Vicente Ferrer Foundation (VFF).

The Sangham Gives Women Confidence, Respect and Freedom

A sangham of women has as objective the creation of a space where they can talk about their problems, share their worries and seek advice.

University Scholarships, a trampoline for change

An interview with Syamala Vadthy and Mahadevi Boya.

Athletes with disabilities from Anantapur get 17 medals at the 2015 Special Olympics.

Athletes from Anantapur that were trained by the Vicente Ferrer Foundation and that represented India at the 2015 Special Olympics obtained a total of 17 medals: three gold, five silver and nine bronze.

EnricRomaguera: “If our athletes become mirrors for other people with disabilities, this has been a success”

Interview with Enric, who coordinates the Special Olympics project where 34 youngsters with intellectual disabilities participate

Special Olympics: A Championship for Special People

As time has gone by, Special Olympics has increased to the current number of 34 youngsters -17 boys and girls- and they train up to seven different disciplines.

Boccia, Inclusive Sport

Sirisha throws a red ball the size of a grapefruit. It seems like the classic game of bocce, but it’s not. Despite some similarities, this unknown sport of precision is specifically designed for people with cerebral palsy and other disabilities affecting motor skills.

Education Above All

At this time of year, the sun heralds the beginning of remedial classes. At half past six, girls and children Kodapaganipalli, a village of 79 families in the district of Anantapur, go to the "town hall".

Less Resources and More Transparency

Alicia Cabero (Barcelona, ​​1983) graduated in Environmental Sciences and has extensive training in development. She has worked in Germany and Ecuador.

Anna Ferrer Receives the Hamsa Award of Andhra Pradesh

The award is presented by the Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu, recognizes "outstanding social service" that develops through the FVF. Andhra Pradesh - Anna FerrerHamsa

Every Drop Counts

More than 10,000 farmers have installed a drip irrigation system with the support of the Foundation. This method rationalizes the use of irrigation water, prevents weeds and plant disease transmission between.

Music in the Village

The Foundation trains young uneducated rural areas to learn to play percussion instruments and can make a living as a professional band. The project targets are also involved in awareness courses where they learn to manage money and work at home.

The Holi: The Pagan Festival That Heralds Spring

Students and teachers of Vocational School participate in this festival consisting throw colored powder and water. The Indian diaspora has spread this celebration worldwide.

Women Take Anantapur

About 25 thousand people participate in over 30 demonstrations throughout the district on the occasion of Women's Day. The Vicente Ferrer Foundation organizes events to raise awareness.

Anti-Discrimination Training

The Foundation offers training workshops on gender issues for workers and social workers. Each representative is responsible for mediating discrimination against women in her village and learn to manage all kinds of problems

Dalit women with disabilities: a triple challenge to their empowerment

In India, to be born in a Dalit family as a disabled woman represents a triple discrimination.

Rajesh Naik: "Being a sponsored child has allowed me to create my own business"

Rajesh grew up in a small village near Guntakal, in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Being a son of farmers, it was difficult for him to study as he had to help their parents.

Three athletes from the Foundation reach the Special Olympics podium

India selected three athletes from the Vicente Ferrer Foundation to participate in the Special Olympics Games 2014 in Barcelona

Safe births also in rural areas

Since 2012, the Vicente Ferrer Foundation carries out a program to promote maternal and infant health

An outpatient clinic in the field

The Foundation's volunteer team of traumatologists visits the villages of Andhra Pradesh to care...