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A staggering 16 Million girls between the ages of 15-19 give birth every year worldwide. The lack of sex education strongly contributes to the rate of early pregnancies, as well as the lack of prenatal and postnatal education. As a result, India currently accounts for the highest number of newborn and child deaths in the world.

VFF USA is working to lower infant mortality with sex education for youth, as well as prenatal and postnatal education and care. One of the most successful methods has been educational workshop for teens and mothers, where they are invited to openly talk about sexual health and reproduction.

Rumni, a Health Coordinator in the Narapala area, shares with us the challenges they are overcoming by starting the  conversation. “The knowledge base about sexual health in rural areas is low because the topic is still considered very ‘taboo’. We create a safe space for them to discuss everything from the consequences associated with early marriage, to the complications that can occur with early pregnancy, lack of prenatal care and baby development. It has been very successful! We receive around 180 calls per month requesting information to join the workshops.”

We invite you to join us in the fight to prevent early pregnancy, and provide education on prenatal and postnatal care so mothers can give birth to healthy baby girls and boys. A one-time $100 donation helps us to provide all of these services and continue to work to lower the infant mortality rate in South India.

Please join us to create change, not charity.

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