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Pittsburgh native Henry Mihm served as a volunteer English teacher this summer at our Anantapur Sports Academy and Professional Language School. Thanks to a program through Georgetown University School of Foreign Service, he spent two months with us and was quickly beloved by students. Learning English is an important skill that dramatically opens up future career opportunities for someone growing up in rural India. Enhancing young people’s education in English is one of the many ways that we seek to empower India communities.

As much as the students improved in this coveted skill, the learning wasn’t one-sided. Henry shares how he was deeply impressed by his students’ dedication. “I had class with these kids before and after their school every day, and just to see how enthusiastic they are even though they have to get up early and stay later,” he gushed, “it was really incredible.”

Moreover, Henry was inspired by their positive attitudes. “When I see how hard these kids’ lives are, and how much work they have, and how busy they are and still how they always approach it with a smile… that really inspires me.”

A video captures parting sentiments between Henry and his students. “Dream big!” he exhorts them. “I really want them to be able to get out and see the world.”

Huge thanks to Georgetown School of Foreign Service for generously sending Henry our way this summer. Learn more about life-changing programs in India and how you can get involved.

Touring south India on a day off, Henry made a new friend.

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