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Fifteen dollars.

That’s all it takes to bring financial independence to one woman while boosting the overall development of an entire Sangham.

Sanghams are the women’s associations promoted by our organization. Before they were introduced, it was nearly impossible for these women to create businesses and support themselves, given their social and cultural restrictions.

Your monthly contribution of $15 or more impacts all sectors that are essential to long-term development: education, health, housing, ecology and the handicapped. A part of your donation is allocated to opening a bank account under each woman’s name. This fixed term account will gradually accrue interest and at the end of seven years, that woman will become the owner of this small but significant amount of capital. This amount, small as it may seem, enables them to earn the respect of their families and the community while guranteeing their independence and future financial security.

We ensure security and positive results by working with long-standing Sanghams that have already demonstrated their commitment, sense of responsibility and self-sufficiency. Women belonging to the Sanghams we support have managed their own small banks, participating in the “Fund for the Development of Women.” This fund offers non-interest-bearing loans to help Sangham members start small businesses in order to generate income.

There are many ways that you can contribute:
A program of 7 years costs a total of $ 1,260.00 to help a group of women in India.


Sponsor A Woman

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