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Help us to break the cycle of poverty by strengthening the community by supporting children, the national treasure of India. When you sponsor a child, not only do you provide them with the opportunity to study, see a doctor or have a home; you invest in their future and the future of their family and the entire community that surrounds them.

When you invest in the future of a child, you will receive a photograph of the child. Your child will send you a letter twice a year so you can keep up with how they are doing, how their family is, and of their advances in school.

Children sponsored through VFF are provided with a savings account.  The objective of creating this account is to provide them with a savings plan so that they can use the money to continue their education, start a business, or in case of an emergency.

Start helping today.

Rosa sponsored Soluchana in 2010

Soluchana is a brilliant 5th grade student at a VFF-operated school.  Through support from VFF, her parents are finishing the construction of their first home with a permanent roof for Soluchana and her two brothers. They are now able to diversify what they have planted and are having more success in their crops.  Additionally, they have two buffalo that they take to pasture daily; her mother is able to sell almost 6 liters of milk per day.  Every year Soluchana makes drawings and letters for Rosa, her sponsor. Rosa and Soluchana had the opportunity to meet in person at VFF.

“It is incredible to see the change that has come little by little to their lives through the work of the Foundation.  You’re reading how they requested a small credit to begin planting and they next year they have already gathered crops… To know that you form part of these small improvements is one of the most gratifying things that has happened in my life. With a small effort we can from us they can achieve great things there…” – Rosa

Rosa visited Anantapur in 2010 and met Soluchana and her family.

“We spent about three hours in the car driving to their rural village, but it was all worth it to meet them.  The town consisted almost entirely of small adobe houses.  Visiting India was exciting, one is not fully conscious of the grand scale of the project until they have seen it with their own eyes”




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