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WASHINGTON, D.C., January 3rd, 2018 — Vicente Ferrer Foundation USA (VFF USA), a nonprofit with a mission to empower rural India, is hosting “Flamenco and Happy Hour” on January 11th, 2018. This event is free and open to the public. Through an exciting partnership with award winning teacher and performer, La Magdalena, participants will be exposed to the interconnectedness of the world through art.

Hosted by WeWork, AIF Young Professionals, VFF USA and La Magdalena join us from 5:30-7:30  for networking, a live performance, and a special flamenco class.  The arts community around the world plays a crucial role in enriching lives. La Magdalena believes in the power of dance to and the importance of giving back, “We see and hear connections between some Flamenco forms and specific songs from northern India, since gypsies are said to have come from that region. I’d like to draw attention to that phenomenon while also supporting an amazing example of grass roots organizing here in DC” says La Magdalena.

VFF USA is excited to collaborate to celebrate their unique dance programs for development initiatives in India. In Anantapur and throughout the state of Andhra Pradesh, VFF hosts dance class, voice lessons, and competitions for thousands of students every year. VFF USA and La Magdalena are committed to supporting rich educational opportunities beyond the traditional classroom. Students with hearing and visual disabilities can participate in an adaptive dance program with support for adaptive technologies.

“Dance is an important way to help students with disabilities see that there are adaptations and solutions for everything…” says Angelina Klouthis, Executive Director of VFF USA. Depending on each child’s disability, different techniques are employed to help them adapt. For children with hearing impairments, a system of lights is used to signal music beats, while children with visual impairments rely on tactile cues from their instructors. Currently, VFF provides adaptive dance lessons to 235 students in primary and secondary school. Funds raised for the program will be used to support education programs including providing the students with costumes, classes, and more. The purpose of “Flamenco and Happy Hour” special networking event is to share the story of how adaptive dance is used as a tool for development in South India. VFF USA aspires to raise $1,000 to support education and our dancers with disabilities. For more information about the Jan 11th Flamenco and Happy Hour, please visit:



About VFF USA: The Vicente Ferrer Foundation USA (VFF USA) is a non-profit organization on a mission to empower rural India. For 48 years, VFF has empowered vulnerable populations and marginalized members of society by partnering with rural communities to implement sustainable solutions and remove barriers to eliminate poverty. VFF programs benefit 3.6 million people in over 3,500 villages.

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