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The Vicente Ferrer Foundation USA (VFF USA) is thrilled to announce the save-the date for our annual gala, “Recipe for Empowerment” as October 6th, 2017.
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A Spanish diplomat since 1979, Enrique Sardá Valls has traveled the world, making connections and nurturing relationships all along the way. So it’s no surprise that in his current position as the Consul General of Spain in Washington, D.C., Mr. Sardá Valls finds himself linked to people of all nationalities in the worlds of politics, government, culture, fashion and art. The Vicente Ferrer Foundation USA is blessed that the consul general has lent his power of connections to help us make new friends. He has introduced us to top thought leaders and supporters from around the country. In this interview, he talks about his personal connection to our late founder and to VFF USA.
How did you first hear about VFF?
I am from Barcelona, Spain, which was also Vicente Ferrer’s hometown. From a very young age, I knew of Vicente. He had gone to the best school in Barcelona, run by the Jesuit faith, and he became a Jesuit priest. I have always been inspired by Vicente’s courageous actions, especially when he resigned from his religious position to not only start the organization but also to marry his wife, Anne. It was an act of love. Love for others drove Vicente’s work and life. I have always been amazed by this incredible love story.  
Moncho Ferrer, son of VFF founder Vicente Ferrer, gives Enrique Sardá Valls, consul general of Spain in Washington, D.C.,  a handcrafted, fair-trade bracelet produced in India by women with disabilities.
Why are you personally committed to the mission?
I did not actually get personally involved with VFF until I came to Washington in 2014 as Consul General. The Vicente Ferrer Foundation reached out to me to arrange a meeting. Of course, I met with them and put myself at their disposal. They are friends of #DCSpaniards, the digital platform for Spaniards and lovers of Spanish culture and civilization in D.C., which has extensions on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. #DCSpaniards welcomes Spaniards to Washington, D.C., and is designed to connect the community to opportunities. I am thrilled to support both VFF and DCSpaniards. Our mutual goals of helping people make for a great partnership. 
How have you helped VFF?
The most important first step for new people in D.C. is learning about the many different places to meet people. I put VFF in touch with media contacts, longtime friends, and people with deep connections to the D.C. community. I am thrilled to help VFF publicize their events, especially their upcoming launch event, Recipe for Empowerment, happening on September 22. I love this work that VFF does and it is a pleasure for me to connect them to people who can help them grow in the U.S.
What inspires you to lend your assistance?
I am highly motivated by my desire to create a better world and to eradicate poverty. I want to see a better life for marginalized people in India. In today’s democratic world, it is difficult to understand the discrimination that is prevalent in the world, especially in rural India.