Woman Rising: Durgamma


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Durgamma’s village chose her to be the teacher.
And her parents supported her so that she could complete 11th and 12th grade. Unfortunately, it’s still rare in rural India for girls to attend secondary school. 
Currently, Durgamma is a school teacher in a supplementary school set up by the Vicente Ferrer Foundation. These schools, which are run directly by the village, offer tutoring to children before and after normal hours in the public schools. Like other leaders of extracurricular activities, Durgamma teaches children how to read, write, draw and do mathematics, among other subjects using interactive methods. 

Because she received an education, Durgamma has a good job and was allowed to choose when to marry. She is proud to be an independent woman with the ability to make decisions about her future. 
There are still over seven million girls in India who have never attended school. For many students in marginalized groups obtaining a higher education is nothing but a dream. Of the 14 million students who have graduated from India’s universities and pre-university centers, only 12 percent are Dalits and five percent belong to tribal groups.
Through our scholarship program, the Vicente Ferrer Foundation is tackling drop-out rates and helping young people from the most excluded groups in Indian society to get the education they need on the way to university.
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