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Providing healthcare services in rural India is ripe with challenges. Statistics reveal a gaping urban-rural divide in health-care access.  Resources are concentrated in urban areas. “About 88% of towns have a health-care facility, compared with 24% in rural areas—90% of which are manned by sole practitioners. Only 20% of the country’s total hospital beds are in rural areas, serving 70% of the population. A person in a village needs to travel more than 2km to reach the first health post to get a paracetamol tablet, more than 6km for a blood test and nearly 20km for hospital care. Access to radiology is necessary for quality care.” (GE, 2017)

On Monday January 29th VFF launched a new digital radiology center at Bathalapalli Hospital. This new technology reduces patient wait time and is safer for patients heath. Dr. Sudheer, director of the Bathalapalli hospital is excited about the breakthrough. “In this hospital, between 150 and 260 radiographs are taken daily. With this new system, radiographs can be done in a matter of seconds and in a digital format of greater precision and speed, ” Dr. Sudheer stated.

Although digital radiology services are abundant in private hospitals in India, options for rural populations are limited.  The generosity of VFF donors has funded the new equipment and patients pay on a sliding scale ranging from free to 10% of the fair market cost of the services. With the new digital radiology system the results will also be received immediately and with improved precision.  Digital radiology puts patients first.


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