A Passionate and Impassioned VFF Ambassador: An Interview with Angel RIBO


News - What‘s happening?

The Vicente Ferrer Foundation USA (VFF USA) is thrilled to announce the save-the date for our annual gala, “Recipe for Empowerment” as October 6th, 2017.
Are you interested in traveling to India?
Angel RIBO is a passionate entrepreneur who serves business leaders, helping them to run their companies while spiritually aligned with the laws of the universe. Angel offers consulting and coaching services, bringing 15 years of experience serving software industry channel partner leaders, and a life-long business and self-development learning strategy. He has been an ambassador for VFF USA since 2015.
Angel is inspired by children in need, and he believes in helping them out of poverty through entrepreneurship. He knows that parents everywhere want what’s best for their children. Hence, by helping the parents build their lives, we can provide the best future possible for their kids.  
How did you hear about VFF?
A close personal friend of mine, Conchi Rodriguez, wrote an amazing book called, “Iniciación Solar en la Nueva Shambala” (“Solar Initiation in the New Shambala”). Profits from her book are dedicated to building solar water pumps in India, in collaboration with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation. She told me about her life-changing experience visiting the projects in India, and I was instantly attracted to the possibility of giving something to the community that so warmly welcomed my friend. The people have so little; yet at every step of her journey in India, the community offered her a fresh coconut or a mango to enjoy. I believe that we all have an urgent responsibility to do something to help these people. My friend Conchi and I have raised money to build water dams, solar pumps, and other sustainable agriculture projects. But we have gotten back so much more than we have given. We have received a legacy for the future of the children of India.

What are you working on now for VFF USA?

In the region of Ananatpur in the district of Kalyandurg in southern India, there is an incredible community that is close to a water supply, but needs help to build an irrigation system to get access to the water. This would change their lives. Despite the severe droughts and risk of desertification, this region has unprecedented farming opportunities for rural communities if the right technology is made available. Together we are taking back the land, creating a sustainable agriculture and creating businesses that support families. 
How do you get water from the nearby dam to a farm in a way that minimizes evaporation and maximizes the success of the farm?
The answer is drip irrigation systems. Together we can build a drip irrigation system for approximately 60 family farms. Through this process, they will be able to diversify their crops, improve their nutrition, and minimize risks through multiple crops. I am joining together with friends, colleagues, and my family to raise $25,000 so we can provide training, irrigation tubes, water systems, and other support for farmers.
I feel blessed to partner with VFF USA to support vulnerable community members in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, to break the cycle of poverty through a holistic and participatory development model. Rural Development Trust (RDT), VFF’s partner in India, has worked in the region for 46 years, building water supplies, planting vegetation to prevent erosion and desertification, and responding to community priorities.
According to official estimates in India, the average farmer earns about $1 a day. Through this drip irrigation project, we can more than double their income. Over the decades, donations from others have helped three million people escape the vicious cycle of extreme poverty. I want to see this number increase.

Why are you so committed to this cause?

I am an engineer. Drip irrigation and water systems are the most incredible building blocks for rural businesses. I am impressed by how cost effective these systems are to build. In my homeland of Spain, the Vicente Ferrer Foundation is incredibly well known. While I have lived in the U.S. for 17 years, seeing something that I hold in such high esteem in my new home country makes me feel so proud.  For me, seeing VFF open an office in Washington, D.C., is better than watching Barcelona Football or Real Madrid winning games on their home turf.
What keeps you motivated?
Do more people die from being overweight or from starvation on Earth? Do you know? Why is that relevant to all of us? According to experts, this year will be the first time in human history that the first group of deaths will outnumber the second. Does that mean that we are winning the battle against hunger in the developing world? Unlikely. That means that, among other things, Westerners are living more comfortably than ever before. We eat more and, worse, carelessly. Does that mean we also we care less for the ones in need? I don’t have the answers, but I am 100 percent certain that millions in need have nobody but us to help, and we just can’t ignore them. Not compelling enough? 
We can all do something. I am committed to working as an ambassador for VFF USA. Together we are increasing the awareness of our current and future footprint in India.
Let’s change humankind, one step at a time.